Qt Online Installer and Qt Installer Framework 4.8.0 Released

We have released Qt Online Installer and Qt Installer Framework 4.8.0 today. The release provides several bug fixes. Most important fixes are as follows:

* QTIFW-3314 provides a fix for an occasional crash that occurred in Maintenance Tool during installations.

* QTIFW-3328 improves installation performance by optimizing the cache validation. Especially Windows installations should be faster now.

* QTIFW-3325  adds Portuguese and Chinese translations that were missing in Qt Installer Framework 4.7.0.

See Change log for a full list of fixes.

Where to get Qt Online Installer and Qt Installer Framework 4.8.0?

Qt Online installer 4.8.0 is available in Qt Downloads. Commercial users can also download the installer via  Qt Customer Portal. In Portal, select Downloads. You can see the installer versions for the supported hosts at the top of the page, under Online Installer

Maintenance Tool is updated using the existing installation(s) Maintenance Tool.

You can download the precompiled Qt Installer Framework 4.8.0 binaries via Qt Online Installer. In the installer's Select Components page, select Qt > Developer and Designer Tools > Qt Installer Framework 4.8.0.

Qt Installer Framework sources and binaries are also available in Qt Download page for open source users and in Qt Customer Portal for commercial users. In Customer Portal, select Downloads > Product: Qt Installer Framework and Version: 4.8.0.

The latest documentation is available online.


We would like to thank everyone, who have filed the bugs and the team, who has fixed the bugs.

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