Qt Safe Renderer 2.1.0 Beta1 Released

We have released Qt Safe Renderer 2.1.0 Beta1 for commercial license holders today. The release provides a snapshot of upcoming QSR 2.1.0 features:

  • Qt Safe Renderer Runtime and Qt Safe Renderer Tooling are divided into separate projects. QSR 2.1.0 supports building with cmake. The QSR examples can also be built with qmake. See the updated building instructions on Building Qt Safe Renderer.
  • Rendering output verification for NXP i.MX 8 Multisensory Enablement Kit (MEK) provides the output verification adaptation and new calccrc library for NXP i.MX 8.
  • Event handler adaptation fixes for POSIX corrects the event handler adaptation and provides the timer functionality for animations and output verification.
  • DRM graphics adaptation for NXP i.MX 8 Multisensory Enablement Kit (MEK) provides hardware overlay support for NXP i.MX 8.
  • Animation data memory optimization implements memory pool allocation for animation data at startup. It replaces static memory allocation.
  • Pre-built Qt Safe Renderer binaries built with Qt 6.5.2. Binaries are provided for the Qt Safe Renderer tools and plugins.

Existing Qt commercial users can now get QSR 2.1.0 Beta1 from the Qt Online installer with a Device Creation Enterprise license. 

Online documentation for the release is available on Qt Documentation Snapshots.

If you have any problems with the QSR 2.1.0 Beta1, please create bugs to https://bugreports.qt.io for the Qt Safe Renderer project.

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