Squish 6.7.1: Available Now for Download

froglogic's Squish team is happy to provide our users with a bug fix release of the Squish GUI Tester, version 6.7.1.

Squish is an all-in-one tool for automated functional GUI testing for virtually any application technology, running on any platform. New to Squish and GUI testing? Get started.

Highlights from the Changelog

License Server as a Windows Service:

Until 6.7.1, System Administrators managing their Squish license servers would either have to open a Windows terminal and run the license server executable manually, or write a script to start the server upon login. We've improved license management for Squish users and SysAdmins by making it possible to run the Squish license server as a Windows Service, in the background. Like any typical Windows Service, it can be started automatically by the operating system, and, that fragile terminal window which before, had to be open all the time, is no longer a pre-requisite for using the Squish GUI Tester.

macOS Platform Improvements:

  • Fixed a rare issue wherein the Squish IDE would terminate all user processes on LInux and macOS when pausing test execution.
  • Resolved a problem wherein rare cases the Squish IDE would not shut down completely on macOS 11 when being quit.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Squish IDE to stay in Control Bar mode indefinitely on macOS after running a few tests with breakpoints.
  • Squish for Web detects browsers on macOS automatically via their bundle id instead of bundle (file) name. Where multiple Firefox or Chrome installations are on a system, it may happen that a different installation is found and started than before under rare circumstances.

Squish for Windows Fixes:

  • Resolved crashes which would occur upon replay and record on machines using the Chinese system locale.
  • Fixed Squish 6.7.0 regression in which it was not possible to select WPF controls when they were embedded in Windows Forms controls.

Squish for Qt Fixes

  • Hooking into Qt 6 AUTs now properly logs loaded Qt modules on Linux and macOS.
  • Fixed Squish logging with built-in hook for Qt on iOS. The Listening on port xxx... log message is printed again when running a Qt AUT with the built-in hook on iOS.


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