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Exciting news for Qt Insight with the latest 1.9 release!

Qt Insight has new additions to the funnels and filters, allowing you to make deeper discoveries about your application usage. Two different funnel analytics, finer-grained geographic filtering options for regions, and many smaller improvements and bug fixes will enhance your insight.


Discover precise user behavior

The funnel view is now renamed with a wider term, Behavior analysis, as Qt Insight 1.9 brings a new Engagement tracking. Engagement tracking allows you to set and monitor key interactions, clearly measuring your application engagement rate. The Conversion Funnel analyzes the sequential user flow, ensuring users use the product as intended. 

Engagement Tracking

This tool analyzes how much people interact with your application, helping you uncover the adoption rate and identify the feature's attractiveness. 

In Qt Insight, creating Engagement tracking is easy: Navigate to Behavior analysis -> Create a new behavior analysis -> Choose Engagement tracking.

Qt Insight engaments

After creating your engagement tracking, you will see key metrics such as the number of matched devices, events triggered in engaged sessions, engagement rate, devices engaged, and average engaged session length. These insights help you to understand user behavior and optimize your application accordingly. 

Conversion Funnel

With the conversion funnel, you can track how many unique devices completed the funnel steps
and the percentage of sessions completed the funnel like any other funnel analysis.


Tune your application for different regions

Earlier Qt Insight supported only country level filtering but according to feedback it was too broad for large countries. Qt Insight 1.9 enables Regional Filtering for United States to get more precise insight on which state your users are. With Regional Filtering you can now do easily application targeting and engagement tracking for different districts.

Qt Insight state selection


Improved quality of life with many small improvements

Refactoring Meter Selection Dropdown
Meter Selection is restructured to be grouped by topics. This change streamlines navigation and enhances user experience by organizing meters into logical categories.

Enhanced Accuracy to Top Times by Usage
Previously, only interaction events were counted, leading to incomplete statistics when users visited screens without interactions. Now, all events contribute to the calculation, ensuring every visit is accurately recorded. 

Display organisation rejected events in admin page
Admin page now shows monthly rejected events in addition to accepted events.

Additional meters in funnels
Funnels have now percentage of device startups that lead to funnel completion and devices that completed the funnel at least once.

Revamped Notification Design
The design of notifications has been refreshed, ensuring a more visually appealing and user-friendly notification experience. 

Enhanced Tooltip Information for Funnel and Events
Tooltip information for Funnel and Events has been updated, providing users with more comprehensive and accurate guidance on these features.  

Funnel step re-ordering
The draggable element functionality for re-ordering funnel steps  has been fixed.



Qt Insight 1.9 brings also many fixes

  • Resolved Regression Bug in Screen Filters: A regression bug affecting screen filters for heat maps and country maps has been resolved, ensuring that screen filters function correctly and accurately filter data.

  • Sorted Screen Resolutions: Screen resolutions are now sorted by width number, enhancing the clarity and usability of resolution-related data within the application.

  • Fixed Report Duplication Issue: An issue preventing the duplication of reports when a custom date range is set has been resolved

  • Resolved API Search Result Error: An error causing forever spinner displays in the user interface during API search results has been addressed 

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