VxWorks for Qt 5.15.14 Released

We have released Qt 5.15.14 for VxWorks for commercial license holders today. The release is a  source code release made on top of the Qt 5.15.14 LTS Commercial release.

Feature Improvements

Qt 5.15.14 for VxWorks introduces limited support for Intel targets through the use of the EGLFS platform plugin. For more information, see https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/vxworks.html#support-for-intel-targets.

Also, the release provides a Qt 5.15.14 version update.

For more information about Qt for VxWorks, see:


Getting Qt 5.15.14 for VxWorks

The release package is available via Qt Account as well as a Git repository for commercial license holders.

In Qt Account, select Downloads and Product: Qt and Version: 5.15.14. The VxWorks source packages and the release note are available in the list of files.

https://wiki.qt.io/Getting_Commercial_Qt_Sources provides instructions on how the get the sources via Git. Please contact us for more details.


The next Qt for VxWorks release will be made on top of the Qt 5.15.16 LTS Commercial release.

Note! If you like to get information about Qt Commercial LTS releases via email, please join Qt's Announce mailing list.

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