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Qt Professional Services Automate Bosch’s Assembly Line Calibration 

Bosch's special-purpose machinery manufacturer provides equipment for Bosch Corporation units around the world. The Diesel business unit was facing a problem in their assembly line. During normal operation, the Diesel injectors would lose accuracy through constant use. If not recalibrated regularly, these inaccuracies could lead to malfunction and considerable shutdown and failure cost. Bosch Diesel needed to come up with a way to automate the control and calibration process of diesel engines. That's when they learned about the power of Qt. 

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Increasing Efficiency for the Diesel Unit

This demo shows how the Bosch DruckMessWT tests and measures diesel injector data and displays them in the web browser via Qt Quick WebGL streaming and Qt Quick. 

The Challenge

The solution had to be a smart device, working with IoT 4.0. and performing highly accurate, fast measurements with a very low sensor layer. Bosch considered Microsoft (National Instruments) and an open control in-house system. A Bosch in-house developer made a compelling case for Qt instead because this IoT 4.0 device needed to be flexible, adaptable, without taking up vast amounts of space and memory.

Bosch engaged Qt Service Engineers to create the application. Agile project management and fast iteration rounds allowed Bosch and Qt Professional services to fix and improve the software rapidly. “We worked closely with The Qt Company consultants to successfully collect the customer requirements and understand how those translated into Qt functionality”, says Sebastian Fritz, Senior Manager. The final product is a user interface for Diesel injector testing devices in the Bosch factories. Diesel injectors in the around-the-clock production lines no longer decalibrate at random times, which means no unpredictable costs and delays. With Qt Quick's WebGL platform plugin, the application displays real-time and historical measurement data directly in the web browser and enables both device calibrating and configuration. 

“We intend to provide DruckMessWT to other divisions at Bosch as well. With minor changes to the original workpiece carrier, the solution can be reapplied in assembly technology, and reused in various different projects.''

Jan Aichele, Project Manager

Key Qt Features 

QML / Qt Quick Controls 2


Qt Quick WebGL


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