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Qt is a comprehensive cross-platform framework and toolkit that helps you create and build native applications and user interfaces for all the screens of your end user. With Qt, you can reach all your target platforms with one technology and one code base, minimizing your time-to-market and maintenance burden. Qt for Application Development is available under a dual-licensing modelyou choose what’s right for your needs.

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Commercial Freedom - No GPL/LGPL Obligations

  • Application privacy with static & dynamic linking of Qt libraries
  • No need to provide a license copy or explicitly acknowledge Qt usage
  • No need to make a copy of your Qt source code available for customers
  • Full rights to proprietary Qt source code modifications
  • Can make “closed” consumer devices
  • Enforceable Digital Rights Management
  • Enforceable software patents

Qt ships with third party open source components that might require respective licensing compliancy if used. See details of other licenses inside Qt.

* Not included with Start-up license.

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Qt is a cross-platform software development framework.

Open Source

Free as in "free speech"
Available under GPL & LGPLv3 licenses

Community support
Access to global open source community resources

"Free Speech" Overview - Open Source Licensing Obligations

  • Using parts of Qt that are only available under GPL requires open sourcing of your application when distributing
  • Must provide a relinking mechanism for Qt libraries
  • Must provide a license copy & explicitly acknowledge Qt usage
  • Must make a Qt source code copy available for customers
  • Qt source code modifications aren’t proprietary
  • Must make “open” consumer devices
  • For Digital Rights Management see (L)GPL FAQ
  • Special consideration should be taken when attempting to enforce software patents

When developing with Qt Open Source, we stress that you should be aware of the terms of the GPL or LGPL and your legal obligations. Before you start developing, please ensure your project complies with the license & your company allows  open source products usage.

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