This course is designed to take programmers who already know QML to a deeper level of functional understanding. It equips you with the cutting edge QML skills and know-how to boost your productivity at work. The course offers hands-on training with different kinds of focus, depending on your needs and is delivered by authorized KDAB trainers with real-life practical experience

Course Contents

  • Advanced integration of QML, JavaScript and C++
  • Using OpenGL in custom QML elements
  • Analyzing and profiling the Qt Quick scene graph
  • Understanding and removing bottlenecks that affect a QML UI
  • Best practices for achieving optimal performances, even on constrained hardware resources.

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Location Reuchlinstraße 10-11 Building S, 3rd floor, Berlin, 10553, Germany
Starts 9:00 Dec 2, 2019 UTC +1
Ends 16:00 Dec 4, 2019 UTC +1
Type Training courses

Cost 1 500 €
Language English
Topics Advanced QML
Organizer KDAB
Phone +49 30 5213 254 70