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Witekio Helps Evoca Group Re-Engineer Their Top-of-the-Line Vending Machines

Hit the Ground Running, by Whatever Beans Necessary!

Let’s face it, the best coffee in the world comes from Italy. Don’t believe it? Try to talk to any barista without using the words "espresso", "cappuccino", "latte", etc.

Italian coffee is great, and thanks to beverage vending machine market leaders Evoca, situated in lovely Valbrembo, Italy, you can have the closest thing to the original percolate from their machines into your cup.

Things have not always been rainbows and coffee beans for Evoca, though. Their devices were running legacy software code that inherently became harder to maintain, upgrade and align with fast-moving technologies. In addition to the obsolescence of the software, there was no standard base code shared across all the vending machines.

That’s why Evoca, in collaboration with our partner Witekio, developed a new vending machine based on NXP i.MX6 DualLite, as well as software components that would allow the creation of a new generic standard platform (system and application). One of the key requirements of this project was to design an intuitive interface enabling a rich and new user experience.


Qt let us develop advanced rich application deploy it easily on any platform by reusing the same unique code.

Adrien Leravat, Sr Mobile & Embedded Software Engineer, Witekio

What Does Italian Coffee and a Qt UI Have in Common?

If you answered “the smooth experience” you get a gold star – just like Witekio. They provided a complete system integration service, including both low and high-level software development and support, run on an NPX i.MX 6DualLite design.

I Like My coffee, as I Like My UI: Sweet and Robusta!

They customized a Linux Yocto1.6 BSP to run on the new vending machine and also enabled Wifi, Bluetooth and multimedia, and video decoding on the reference design. Wiketio used Qt to create the intuitive and fully customizable UI with its user-friendly 10” HD touchscreen. Qt’s multi-platform capabilities also addressed future concerns about reusability of code and software becoming obsolete any time soon.

The application is architectured as a set of libraries enabling its simple implementation on future Evoca products.

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Watch Witekio's Adrien Leravat demo the coffee machine UI he brewed with Qt. We think his threefold enjoyment of developing with Qt, showing off his chocingly beautiful UI, and drinking coffee clearly Joes.


Qt Features Used


http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qmlreference.html (read more)

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Qt Quick

https://doc.qt.io/qt-5.10/qtquick-index.html (read more)

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Great coffee, anywhere. Evoca Group is a leading multinational company in the out-of-home coffee machine sector, providing a comprehensive range of coffee machines and payment solutions for the Vending, Horeca and OCS markets.

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