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Qt Start-Up Plan Sparks Augmented Reality 3D Maps App Development.

Augmented reality, once considered something out of a science fiction movie, has quickly become a household term. Qt is a popular choice for development within augmented reality, and eyeMaps is another great example of how Qt enables this innovative technology.

Quickly design a great UI

“We found that Qt Quick made it really simple to quickly design a flexible, fast and responsive user interface that looks great, some of the QML elements were implemented in a matter of minutes and the integration between Qt Quick, the native platform GUI, and OpenGL rendering was very smooth and allowed us to synchronize the UI elements with the 3D model with a sub-pixel precision at 60 fps.” 


Titania Lines, Designer

3D Augmented Reality

eyeMaps is a completely new way of looking at maps. You simply hold your phone as if you were taking a picture, and your phone displays a 3D virtual representation of what you are pointing at. The app visualizes the world as we see it and provides you instantly with the names of mountain tops, historic places, cities, towns, attractions, museums and other areas of interest. The app features GPS, navigation modes, and even shows you on the map when and where you took a picture, which lets you share your travel route in a new exciting way.

The maps within eyeMaps are downloadable so you can use the app offline. This way you don’t have to worry about expensive data connections while on the road. eyeMaps is built with Qt using OpenStreetMap and 3D models of terrain provided by NASA. Your exact position and the direction in which you point your phone are calculated using your phone's available sensors.

Astonishing Qt documentation

“Developing with Qt is fun because it is so simple to use and the documentation is simply astonishing. It is short, precise and contains exactly what we’d expect to find in it. Reading the documentation is like confirming what we intuitively thought/expected the class/method would do, just by reading its name and I can strongly recommend Qt to any app developer or start-up.” 

Konstantinos Gaitanis, Founder & Developer

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