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Eykona 3D Wound Imaging

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This innovative handheld 3D imaging system for use in medical applications was developed with the support of The Qt Company. The Eykona Wound Measurement System created by Eykona Technologies (now part of Fuel3D), provides clinicians with an objective and repeatable measure of the volume of wounds, allowing comparison and monitoring of the healing process. This product is certified by the FDA and EU certified to be marketed and sold in the United States and Europe. Qt Commercial assisted Eykona in significantly reducing the project completion time.

Why Qt

Their first product is a handheld three-dimensional imaging system. In developing their product they had a number of challenges. One of the largest ones was the fact that it is a cross-platform product so to be able to find a toolkit which allowed them to develop on Windows and then build and run it and Linux was very important. 

They chose Qt Commercial because they needed support - in order to shorten time to market they had to know that they would have timely responses to any important technical questions. They could still maintain the pace of development even though they'd just added tablet support to their PC user interface - in 10 working days, they achieved tablet input, pinching, pulling, zooming, etc. This all shows how powerful and flexible Qt is. 

The future looks bright - Eykona is already moving into other markets. Being able to change the language within the system is very important as that would be critical for success in new markets. As the new market requirements keep coming, Eykona is going to continue to improve and add new features to its product. The key to success in this regard will be a flexible toolkit that can adapt to the customer needs - Qt is all that and more!

Eykona Technologies Ltd

Born out of Oxford University and bonded by proprietary science, maths, and technology, Eykona Technologies Ltd is developing hand-held 3D imaging for medical markets. 

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For Eykona, Qt was just what the doctor ordered. Please contact your Qt physician to find out if Qt is right for you.

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