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Ensure functional safety and compliance to meet the demanding industry standards and guidelines. Our customizable and scalable tools help you enhance your productivity.

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Adapt to an Increasingly Automated Industrial Environment with Ease

The world of automation is becoming increasingly networked and must solve ever more complex tasks. This is accompanied by a rapid growth of software components in solutions, regardless of whether they deal with intelligent drives, pumps, sensors, operation and monitoring or industrial communication.

Technological advancements happen faster and more frequently than they used to; which means your software needs to be adapted accordingly, leading it to be more complex due to increasing functionality. 

The challenge hereby is making sure the inevitable growth does not compromise the quality of the software. In an increasingly digitalized industrial environment the performance of software is essential to ensure hassle-free operation of systems. Unnecessary downtime of systems due to software failure is not acceptable and can be avoided. This is where we can help: With our analysis and testing tools you can ensure quality right from the start.

Analyse and Test your Software to Enhance Productivity

Identifying issues in the software as early as possible, not only saves development costs it also ensures hassle-free operations after it has been rolled out. Small changes made to the code can have considerable influence during manufacturing and production.

Of course, our tools adapt to your needs and CI or DevOps environment. Thanks to the seamless integration into existing workflows, automated analysis and testing make it easy for developers to identify and eliminate potential risks to productivity. We cover the entire development cycle and support you right from the start: from drafting the architecture to testing the final result.

The reliable results reduce the workload of the individual developer or test engineer and let them focus on creating software, which can be deployed faster - without compromising on quality.

Industry Software Solutions are complex and choosing the right tools for your project can be challenging. Contact us to schedule a meeting or request a demo. 

Software Architecture

Knowing the components of your software and understanding how they interact with each other is essential for developing robust industrial software. Keeping the structure clear and clean ensures you have a solid foundation for creating maintainable industrial solutions. Your benefit: higher quality and longer life-cycles of your solutions.

Architecture Verification

The software’s architecture is the backbone of any project. Axivion Architecture Verification checks if the code complies with the architecture and flags any deviations. This way you can ensure that the system’s structure remains clear and clean, making it more maintainable during its entire product life-cycle.

Further benefits: Architects and project leads can use software architecture verification to track project progress, detect issues early, and make informed design decisions. Developers, on the other hand, receive immediate feedback, ensuring better code quality and bug prevention.

Read more about Architecture Verification


Code Analysis

To meet functional safety standards and coding guidelines for industrial software solutions you need to analyse your code - the earlier, the better. Issues with the code can easily be fixed if they are identified at an early stage. Your additional advantage? A better ROI thanks to reduced development costs.

Static Code Analysis

With the help of static code analysis you can easily identify violations of guidelines and regulations at an early stage without having to execute the code. This allows developers to fix issues before these cause software erosion - leading to a higher code quality and improved maintainability of the code. High code quality also improves testing as potential problems have already been resolved.

Read more about Static Code Analysis


Code Coverage Analysis

Analysing your code coverage determines which lines of code are executed during application runtime or when unit tests run. Code coverage analysis isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring robustness and uncovering untested areas of your software to ensure the quality you need.

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Automated Testing

Automated Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing plays a crucial role in the industrial automation industry, ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and quality of software applications used in manufacturing, process control, and other industrial settings.

Automated GUI Testing

Automated GUI testing ensures that your software’s graphical user interface (GUI) functions flawlessly. We use specialized tools to validate that the GUI behaves as expected under various conditions.

Automated GUI testing catches bugs during the development cycle, allowing developers to address them promptly. This means issues are fixed at an early stage and costly escalations are prevented. The repeated tests also ensure consistency across cycles and support the reliability of your software.

Read more about Automated GUI Testing


Ensure you Comply with the Industry’s Leading Standards and Guidelines

Our Quality Assurance tools help you meet the standards and guidlines for development of software for industrial applications. For an additional level of quality we offer various Tool Qualification Kits.

In environments with functional safety requirements they support the classification and qualification of your toolchain, validating its behaviour, based on your processes and test environments.  The results can be made available to the appropriate authorities for tool qualification in order to reach a safety-critical standard.

Creating future-proof Industrial Solutions

In the world of industrial automation, systems are required to solve more and more complex tasks. As a result, your software needs to grow and constantly adapt. So, how to ensure that your software can keep up with the constant changes?  Are you still able to maintain and modify your code without problems?  Do you also need to comply with industry standards (e.g. IEC 61508)?

Watch our webinar-on-demand to learn how Architecture Verification and Static Code Analysis will help you overcome these challenges.

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Success Stories

Read what our customers have to say. Learn more about the benefits of integrating our Quality Assurance products into your software development process.


Tested with Squish
“I can program in Python and even import my own libraries in the tests. That’s where it’s handy.”

Jarkko Peltonen

Test Automation Specialist at ABB

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Assured with Axivion

“We exhaustively evaluated a whole range of analysis tools. The Axivion Suite has impressed us during our daily development work due to its comprehensive open functions which could readily be adapted to our needs. On top of this we benefit from the practical support provided by Axivion’s professional services team, who are there to help us during every phase of our software quality assurance.”


Rainer Thieringer
Head of Software Development Departmen at TRUMPF Laser

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Tested with Squish
“That’s [Squish’s] selling point: regressive coverage. Once you’ve added a string of tests from a release cycle, you don’t have to go back and manually cover that again..”

Timothy Crooks
Automation developer/QA manager at Weatherford 


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Assured with Axivion

“The Axivion Suite is another crucial building block for quality assurance in our firmware development, particularly in terms of the increasingly strict safety and security requirements within an industrial environment.”


Christoph Kuner
FS Director at TR-Electronic GmbH

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Tested with Squish

“Squish performed as advertised, and was able to recognize all of our GUI objects. Also, it is easy to use.”


John Lawhead

Senior QA Engineer at APC


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Assured with Axivion
“The key factor for us is that the Axivion Suite has a high level of adaptability unsurpassed by any other tool suite. That is the only way we can continue meeting our own high quality standards for our intelligent sensors in an increasingly digitalised industrial environment.”

Kai Siegwart

Software Quality Assurance at Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. KG 

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