The Future of Micro-Mobility Speaks Qt

Create affordable, smarter user experiences for the booming market of micro-mobility by leveraging Qt’s powerful cross-platform UI capabilities and ready-made solutions for mobility.

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Courtesy of RGNT Motorcycles

The Digitalization of Recreational Vehicles

Deliver clear, functional, intuitive UIs—for motorcycles, electric bikes, scooters, snowmobiles, jet skis, and more—by leveraging cutting-edge design capabilities and connectivity to an ecosystem of devices.

Micro-mobility vehicles require more focus on the road than car drivers and require a clear, steady, and timely understanding of the driving situation—without distractions.

Qt advanced UI design solutions and highly optimized runtime deliver razor-sharp UI applications comprehensive of all information required for a clear-cut, holistic view of any vehicle's state and road situation.


A Multi-Dimensional Product-Space

Build consistently branded signature UIs across your entire ecosystem by leveraging cross-platform development and deployment capabilities—harnessing the full power of MCU, MPU, and mobile devices. 

The exponential surge of electric micro-mobility solutions and the digitalization of motorcycle clusters demands state-of-the-art tooling capable of bringing automotive-grade functionality to low-power, resource-constrained devices

When targeting two-wheelers and other recreational vehicles, your UI framework should be equipped for a large-scale, multi-brand/multi-product, multi-language development approach. Be it a digital cluster, a portable e-bike interface, or a companion app running on your phone or smartwatch, Qt cross-platform capabilities deliver a consistent user experience that is true to your brand across all types of digital devices.


Standardization and Differentiation

Leverage an optimized workflow defined with reusability of functionality and customizability of appearance at its core—the epitome of efficient software development.

Highly optimized reusable UI components are at the core of Qt’s design and development offerings. Building on them, you readily deliver a clear and intuitive user experience—easily customizable according to your brand’s look and feel.

Connectivity, voice assistant, navigation, high-definition touch interface, and over-the-air updates are only some of the smart features that Qt can enable on all your devices. Qt provides state-of-the-art functionality, graphics, and performance on both microcontrollers and microprocessors, for delivering your brand’s own signature UI across your application ecosystem.



Courtesy of Ducati Motor Holding

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Build your micro-mobility fleet on a full-fledged UI framework with decades of industry-grade applications.

Qt is not only tooling for development and quality assurance. With over 30 years of mass-production history in more than 70 industries, Qt is a guarantee of success for your product.

With a solid presence in the automotive, consumer electronics, and medical industries, UI applications built with Qt meet the highest standards of quality, security, and reliability—and are built to last on the market for decades. Qt internationalization support lets you scale your offering across regions and markets with minimal effort. 

Customer Stories Written with Qt


Built with Qt

The convergence between brand style and graphics is a fundamental element for the success of such a prestigious motorcycle, leaving no margin for compromises.

“The market requires modern, rich, and sophisticated graphics, with dynamic visuals that adapt to world events. We needed to achieve smartphone-like performance, but without the corresponding gigahertz clock capabilities.”

Claudio Mariani

Instrument Cluster & Connectivity Supervisor at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

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Built with Qt

Bound to disrupt the motorcycle realm with game-changing innovation.

"Our digital cluster combines advanced maps, navigation, and real-time road information systems. With Qt, we were able to build a UI that is way ahead of the competition!"

Gideon Schipaanboord

Head of Marketing, RGNT Motorcycles

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Bolt - Virginia Tech

Built with Qt

The Bolt team at Virginia Tech has built a high-performance all-electric racing motorcycle and used Qt to create its equally powerful dashboard.

"Qt provided an extensive and well-documented framework which allowed us to rapidly develop a dashboard for our electric motorcycle."

Mary Galvin

BOLT Co-Team Lead

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Project Eclipse: a Reference Design for Two-Wheelers

Built in partnership with Crossware on Infineon TRAVEO T2G, our Reference Design delivers unprecedented functionality to the realm of two-wheelers. This highly cost-efficient MCU-based HMI can be customized with ease according to your brand and requirements. Key features include:

  • Cinematic startup animation
  • Gauges, vehicle status, telltales, ADAS
  • Map navigation, media player, and more streamed from smartphone
  • User interaction via hardware buttons and touchscreen

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Create Your Next Micro-Mobility Project with Qt

With a scalable solution for any vehicle display, you can now provide advanced functionality and state-of-the-art graphics on your entire product portfolio.

Whether it's your two-wheeler screen powered by microprocessors or resource-constrained microcontrollers, the Qt framework enables you to operate your distinctive UI on any platform.


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