The Evolution of Industrial IoT—Powered by Qt

Qt Group's Industrial Automation demo highlights how the Qt Framework's capabilities for Industrial IoT—such as graphics, connectivity, and cross-platform reusability—help organizations in transitioning to Industry 4.0.


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Enabling the Transition to IR4.0

Far beyond UI design and development, the Qt Framework delivers rich cross-platform libraries for connectivity, data management and visualization, advanced 2D and 3D graphics, and more—essential to entering the industrial IoT revolution.

Qt tools deliver rich SCADA systems where large data sets are easily presented and operated via dependable real-time visualizations. Additionally, accurate intelligence of the user actions is collected with Qt Insight.

Our IA demo showcases how Qt functionalities play together to build the future Smart Factory.


Entering the Factory of the Future

Showcasing a 3D factory floor and a set of fixed and portable control units, our demo includes the core elements of a state-of-the-art IoT factory.

A SCADA system offers a variety of easily readable KPIs and customization capabilities for layout, theme, device type, and more.

Real-time control over the production line enters the SCADA system via digital-twin technology to simulate remote processes, testing, and optimization.

Portable devices are enhanced with augmented reality for efficient interaction with the environment.


Scaling Productivity and Efficiency

In addition to the ready-made functionality for the creation of high-performance HMIs (connectivity, real-time graphics, UI components), Qt's C++ backbone enables easy integration with a variety of third-party products and services. We leveraged open-source and proprietary software for various elements.

NVIDIA AI platform automates fault detection in the production chain via image recognition

Controlled via Qt OPC UA module, an open-source 3D printed robot arm has its counterpart on the digital floor.

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Real-Time Insight over Decentralized Processes

Leverage Qt’s ready-made support for connectivity and M2M interaction for easy accessibility across devices, apps, SCADA systems.

  • Instant notifications across devices, sites, facilities
  • Remote data access and control

Ready-Made Components Built on the High-Quality Qt Libraries

Create flexible, adaptable SCADA systems with ready-made widgets, maps, and charts for real-time KPI monitoring.

Deliver a consistent functionality across devices, by means of highly optimized reusable components.

Real-Time Graphics to Tame the Complexity of Industrial IoT Automation

Build immersive real-time 3D experiences to control your equipment and production.

  • Digital twins for testing and optimizing processes
  • VR environments for remote maintenance and training
  • CAD models for accurate visualization and analysis

Advanced UI Controls for Data-Driven Optimization

Leverage real-time graphics for the visualization of complex data in the form of 2D charts and graphs.

  • Remote control of equipment and production
  • Trend and pattern detection
  • Easy AI integration for pattern recognition
  • Usage intelligence for data-driven decision making

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