Migrating Applications from MPUs to MCUs 

Using microcontrollers under a unified Qt technology architecture can save you tons of money and has never been easier. Find out how with these helpful guides and best practices.



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Verolt Engineering used Qt to build its HomeChef application on WebAssembly, mobile, and embedded (I.MX6). With Qt for MCUs they scaled down their app to 480kb so it can run on an STM32F769 – An additional use case in less than four weeks! And with the following guides and best practices, so can you! 

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This guide on how to port a Qt Quick UI to a microcontroller shows how to create smartphone-like user experiences on microcontrollers and outlines typical pitfalls and challenges and how to address them – a must-read if you're planning a similar project!

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Follow the steps of porting a Qt Quick application to an MCU. This webinar includes live-coding and showcases the port’s impressive performance.

The use case: HomeChef

Verolt Engineering partnered with Qt to build their cross-platform smart cooking application. In this video, Sumer explains how a unified Qt technology let them create a consistent look and feel and a smartphone-like UX across all platforms: From the browser experience running on WebAssembly down to a simple, MCU-powered UI.

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The evaluation version includes the binaries needed to create UIs for reference hardware and sample app source code for your inspiration. Need help? No problem!  We can migrate to anything. Please Contact Qt to discuss your upcoming project.

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