Powering the Future Together: Qt and Infineon

Gain More with Less

Based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4(Single core)/M7(Single core/Dual core) core, the Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G microcontrollers deliver high performance, advanced human-machine interfaces, high-security, and networking protocols tailored to a variety of embedded applications.

The TRAVEO™ T2G family offers high-performance functions optimized for a minimum memory footprint, and embeds dedicated features to increase data security.

Infineon TRAVEO T2G delivers MPU-level performance with significant cost savings due to fewer components and a lower BOM.

Boosted Productivity

With its efficient design/development workflow and over 30 years of production history across verticals, Qt technology delivers all the tools for effective UI application deployment, with up to 50% shorter time to market.

By automatically converting designs into functional UIs, Qt Design Studio enables seamless collaboration with developers. Qt ensures easy implementation with a choice of supported IDEs, from Qt Creator to Green Hills MULTI. Qt provides reference ports for all TRAVEO™ T2G platforms, integration with AUTOSAR, and professional support. Qt Long Term Support grants your products an extended lifetime, backward compatibility, and the possibility of constantly improving.

Unrivaled Performance

Microcontrollers are increasingly used across industries in applications that require instant boot-up,  real-time processing, and call for cost-efficient solutions. Together Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G and Qt for MCUs deliver the highest frame rate with the lowest footprint.

Infineon and Qt Group take UIs on MCUs to the next level, ensuring maximum performance while using minimal system resources. TRAVEO™ T2G is the only MCU-based solution for 60 fps displays at resolutions up to full HD. Our benchmarking shows up to 5x more efficient RAM usage on the same design with Infineon’s smart rendering technology, and up to 2x faster boot time with Qt.

Automotive Cluster

Automotive Instrument Cluster Demo

The Automotive Cluster opening view shows a media carousel, speed dial, and telltales that are dynamically updated in real time. In the drive mode, speed, gear, and a car animation all run steadily at 60fps.

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Flashing instructions

Note that it's not necessary to set the QUL_DIR variable to flash custom binaries.

Motorcycle cluster

Motorcycle Cluster

The application contains a welcome animation, driving cycle, goodbye animation, day and night mode, navigation with keyboard, and warnings.

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Flashing instructions

Note that it's not necessary to set the QUL_DIR variable to flash custom binaries.

Supported Hardware (MPU & MCU)

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Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G Quick Start Guide

The instructions in this guide are relevant for the Infineon Traveo II 4M and 6M reference platforms.

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QBSP test bench

Qt for MCUs Delivers Smartphone-Like UX on Resource-Constrained Devices

With a low footprint and highly optimized libraries, Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit to deliver high-performance UI applications on MCUs and low-end MPUs. 

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