Qt 5.15 LTS / 6.5 LTS
Feature Comparison

This overview compares the high-level functionality of the Qt 5.15 and Qt 6.5 Long-Term Support releases. The vast majority of the functional components of Qt 5.15 LTS are out-of-the-box available with Qt 6.5 LTS.


Development Tools
Qt 5.15 Qt 6.5
Qt Creator Qt Creator provides a cross-platform, complete integrated development environment (IDE).
Boot to QtBoot to Qt helps you prototyping designs immediately on a target hardware. Using this capability you can deploy all kinds of Qt applications into a real device via Qt Creator. 
QML LiveQML Live allows you to change your QML user interface source code and view the result in realtime.
Qt LinguistQt Linguist enables Translators to translate text in applications. 
EmulatorYou can use the emulator to test and debug applications in conditions practically identical to a device.
makeqpfmakeqpf is a tool to generate pre-rendered fonts in QPF2 format for use on Embedded Linux.
Meta-Object CompilerThe Meta-Object Compiler generates meta-object code for Qt's own subclasses.
User Interface CompilerThis tool reads an XML format UI definition file as generated by Qt Designer and creates a C++ header file.
Resource CompilerThis tool embeds resources into a Qt application during the build process by generating a C++ source file.
Qt D-Bus XML CompilerThis compiler converts D-Bus information to C++ source code.
Qt D-Bus ViewerThe Qt D-Bus Viewer is a tool that lets you introspect D-Bus objects and messages.
Qt Visual Studio ToolsQt Visual Studio Tools enables developers to use the Microsoft Windows development environment.
Qt Distance Field GeneratorThe Qt Distance Field Generator tool can be used to pregenerate a font cache to improve load times.
Qt AssistantQt Assistant is a tool for viewing on-line documentation in Qt help file format.
Qt 5.15 Qt 6.5
Qt CoreThe Qt Core includes libraries and APIs for the Meta-Object System, the Property System, the Object Model,  etc.
Qt GUIThe Qt GUI module provides classes for windowing system integration, 2D and 3D graphics, imaging, fonts and text.
Qt QMLThe Qt QML module provides a framework for developing applications and libraries with the QML language.
Qt QuickQt Quick is  a declarative framework for building highly dynamic applications with custom user interfaces.
Qt MultimediaWhat's new? Qt Multimedia has been re-architected for better cross-platform support. More infoQt Multimedia includes classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality.
Qt NetworkQt Network provides a set of APIs for programming applications that use TCP/IP.
Qt Quick DialogsTypes for creating and interacting with system dialogs from a Qt Quick application.
Qt Quick LayoutsLayouts are items that are used to arrange Qt Quick 2 based items in the user interface.
Qt Quick ControlsProvides lightweight QML types for creating performant user interfaces for desktop, embedded, and mobile devices.
Qt Quick TestA unit test framework for QML applications, where the test cases are written as JavaScript functions.
Qt SQLQt SQL is a module which provides support for SQL databases. 
Qt TestQt Test includes classes for unit testing Qt applications and libraries.
Qt WidgetsClasses to extend Qt GUI with C++ widgets.
Qt Shader ToolsWhat's new? This new module enables advanced UI effects in Qt applications.Qt Shader Tools provide means to create shades for hardware-accelerated graphics.
Qt 3DFunctionality for near-realtime simulation systems with support for 2D and 3D rendering.
Qt Android ExtrasWhat's new? Qt Android Extras has been moved into other modules and does not require a standalone module. Provides platform-specific APIs for Android. arrow-icon-false
Qt BluetoothProvides access to Bluetooth hardware.
Qt ConcurrentClasses for writing multi-threaded programs without using low-level threading primitives.
Qt D-BusClasses for inter-process communication over the D-Bus protocol.
Qt GamepadWhat's new? There are no plans to port this add-on module because the related customer projects have been discontinued. Enables Qt applications to support the use of gamepad hardware.
Qt Graphical EffectsWhat's new? The corresponding functionality in Qt 6 is available in Qt Shader Effect and Qt Shader Tools. Graphical effects for use with Qt Quick.
Qt HelpClasses for integrating documentation into applications, similar to Qt Assistant.
Qt Image FormatsPlugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, TGA, WBMP.
Qt LocationWhat's new? Qt Location has been rescoped to focus on basic map rendering functionality. Displays map, navigation, and place content in a QML application.
Qt Mac ExtrasWhat's new? Qt Mac Extras has been moved into other modules and does not require a standalone module. Provides platform-specific APIs for macOS. arrow-icon-false
Qt NFCProvides access to Near-Field communication (NFC) hardware.
Qt OpenGLWhat's new? The corresponding functionality is available in Qt 6 in the Qt GUI essential module. OpenGL support classes. Deprecated in favor of the OpenGL classes in the Qt GUI module.
Qt Platform HeadersWhat's new? The corresponding functionality has been moved to per-module native interfaces. Provides classes that encapsulate platform-specific information, tied to a given runtime configuration of a platform plugin. icon-false
Qt PDFThe Qt PDF module contains classes and functions for rendering PDF documents.
Qt PositioningProvides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes.
Qt Print SupportClasses to make printing easier and more portable.
Qt PurchasingWhat's new? Available as separate standalone examples. Enables in-app purchase of products in Qt applications.
Qt Quick Controls What's new? This module has been rearchitected during the lifetime of Qt 5 and the supported version is Qt Quick Controls with better performance for embedded systems. Reusable Qt Quick based UI controls to create classic desktop-style user interfaces. 
Qt Quick ExtrasProvides a specialized set of controls that can be used to build interfaces in Qt Quick.
Qt Quick TimelineEnables keyframe-based animations and parameterization.
Qt Quick WidgetsProvides a C++ widget class for displaying a Qt Quick user interface.
Qt Remote ObjectsProvides an easy to use mechanism for sharing a QObject's API (Properties/Signals/Slots) between processes or devices.
Qt Safe RendererProvides a UI rendering component that can be used to render safety-critical items, such as warning indicators.
Qt ScriptWhat's new? This module has not been actively developed for many years. It was provided for backwards compatibility with Qt 4 only. For new code, Qt QML module provides the same functionality. Classes for making Qt applications scriptable. Deprecated in favor of the QJS* classes in the Qt QML module.
Qt Script ToolsWhat's new?Like its parent module Qt Script, this module has only been provided for backwards compatibility to Qt 4. Additional components for applications that use Qt Script.
Qt SCXMLProvides classes and tools for creating state machines from SCXML files and embedding them in applications.
Qt SensorsProvides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition.
Qt Serial BusProvides access to serial industrial bus interface. Currently the module supports the CAN bus and Modbus protocols.
Qt Serial PortProvides access to hardware and virtual serial ports.
Qt TextToSpeechProvides support for accessibility features such as text-to-speech.
Qt SVGClasses for displaying the contents of SVG files. Supports a subset of the SVG 1.2 Tiny standard.
Qt UI ToolsClasses for loading QWidget based forms created in Qt Designer dynamically, at runtime.
Qt WebChannelProvides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients.
Qt WebEngineClasses and functions for embedding web content in applications using the Chromium browser project.
Qt WebSocketsProvides WebSocket communication compliant with RFC 6455.
Qt WebViewDisplays web content in a QML application by using APIs native to the platform, without the need to include a full web browser stack.
Qt Windows ExtrasWhat's new?Qt Windows Extras has been moved into other modules and does not require a standalone module. Provides platform-specific APIs for Windows. arrow-icon-false
Qt X11 ExtrasWhat's new? Qt X11 has been moved into other modules and does not require a standalone module. Provides platform-specific APIs for X11. arrow-icon-false
Qt XMLC++ implementations of SAX and DOM.
Qt ChartsUI Components for displaying visually pleasing charts, driven by static or dynamic data models.
Qt Data VisualizationUI Components for creating stunning 3D data visualizations.
Qt Lottie AnimationA QML API for rendering graphics and animations in JSON format, exported by the Bodymovin plugin for Adobe® After Effects.
Qt Network AuthorizationProvides support for OAuth-based authorization to online services.
Qt Virtual KeyboardA framework for implementing different input methods as well as a QML virtual keyboard. Supports localized keyboard layouts and custom visual themes.
Qt Wayland CompositorProvides a framework to develop a Wayland compositor.
Qt for WebAssemblyA platform target to compile Qt applications for the web browsers using WebAssembly.
Qt Quick 3DWhat's new? This module contains a significant amount of new functionality in Qt 6, especially for particle and mesh morphing UI effects. Provides a high-level API for creating 3D content or UIs based on Qt Quick.
Qt Quick WebGLWhat's new? We are evaluating concepts and technologies that allow Qt applications to be operated remotely. WebGL might be a part of this in the future, but we don't want to commit to any particular technology at this point.The Qt Quick WebGL is a platform plugin that allows for single-user remote access.  icon-false
Active QtActive Qt supports Windows developers when using ActiveX and COM.
Qt HTTP ServerSupports building an HTTP server into an application. It provides a server-side implementation of the HTTP protocol with Transport Layer Security support.
Qt Quick 3D PhysicsQt Quick 3D Physica provides a high-level API for physics simulation. It supports simulating interactive rigid bodies as well as static meshes and non-colliding bodies used for detecting overlaps.
Qt Quick Effect MakerCreates shader effects for Qt Quick with high productivity and performance.

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