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The global leader in electrification products

The ABB Group, a multinational organization headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a pioneer in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation, and robotics and motion. The company serves its customers globally in utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure. Continuing a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization.

Squish Highlights 

Multi-platform and device support

No changes to the application needed

Dedicated support for all Qt widgets and controls

Support for embedded web content

Access to all properties and APIs

Support for hybrid Qt and native Windows GUIs

I can program in Python and even import my own libraries in the tests. That’s where it’s handy.

Jarkko Peltonen, Test Automation Specialist, ABB

ABB-s cobot family

ABB’s commitment to a comprehensive testing approach

In Jarkko Peltonen's role as a Test Automation Specialist at ABB's Electrification Products division, he plays a crucial role in ensuring high product quality and safety. He integrates Squish GUI Tester into a protection relay's development and testing processes to achieve this. 

Specifically, his team uses Squish to test the Qt-based embedded touch screen on the front end of the relay. Jarkko utilizes both Squish for Qt on a Linux operating system for the touchscreen and Squish for Windows for the desktop version of the software.

ABB CRB 15000 New GoFa - 18

The dynamic duo of stability and convenience with Squish GUI Tester

Jarkko was impressed with Squish's stability and found integrating Squish tests with Jenkins, a Continuous Integration (CI) platform, easy. He set up Jenkins to check for new builds and initiate the test process accordingly. 

Jarkko employs a Robot Framework script that starts the squishrunner process to run the tests. Once the tests are completed, a wrap-up framework checks the test output for any failures and provides a pass/failure history from Squish.

Jarkko follows the Page Object Model (POM) approach when creating Squish tests. Instead of relying on recordings, he models the structure of the UI to build scripts. 

Our scripts are not done by recording, they are built by modeling the structure of the UI.

Jarkko Peltonen, Test Automation Specialist, ABB

What is Page Object Model (POM)?

POM is an object-oriented abstraction of UI components where each page in the application corresponds to an associated page class. This approach helps in reducing code duplication and enhancing the maintainability of tests. Any changes to a particular element in the UI only require updating the corresponding page class, leaving the tests unaffected.

ABB safety and security

Leveraging Squish GUI Tester to enhance product quality, ensure safety, and streamline processes

Jarkko's testing approach involves a three-pronged strategy, encompassing unit testing, manual testing, and automated GUI testing with Squish. 

He plans to expand the automated GUI test cases alongside the developers' efforts to enhance their unit test suites. Additionally, Jarkko intends to incorporate visual-based object recognition into his property-based scripts, taking advantage of Squish's capabilities in this area. 

As he continues to integrate Squish more extensively into his test process, he shows a keen interest in features like OCR and products like Squish Test Center, which offer further advancements and functionalities for his testing requirements.

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