Qt + Toradex

Making it Simple for you: Hardware and Software in one place

Thank you for choosing to Download Boot2Qt

You have one more step before you can start developing with Qt on your Toradex board: Download a developer license.

What you get:

  • Essentials
    These are the APIs and libraries that provide the backbone of Qt. Qt contains a rich set of fundamental enablers,which provide higher-level UI and application development components.
  • Additional features
    Qt is an unbelievably comprehensive framework full of features beyond the essentials.
  • Tools
    Qt has it's own cross-platform IDE and is chock-full of tools designed for developing applications and UIs once and deploying them across multiple operating systems.
  • Embedded tooling & solutions
    Qt has ready-made solutions that speed up your device creation with enterprise-quality features for a truly professional development experience.
  • Ready in just a few clicks
    Qt integration with Toradex Easy Installer enables simple device installation and debugging.
  • Official Qt Support Helpdesk
    The Qt Company’s expert support team helps you solve your development challenges.
  • Close strategic relationship with The Qt Company

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