Qt for Small Business

The full Qt experience for small businesses, start-ups, and indie developers for just 499 USD per year.

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We want to support the start-ups and indie developers that are at the heart of innovation – just like Qt 25 years ago.  

Due to your popular demand, we are offering special Qt licenses for small businesses. The Qt Small Business license has all the Qt features for mobile, desktop, and embedded development for 499 USD per year.

What is so excellent about this offering is that you can distribute your applications to all our supported platforms (excluding MCUs, which is sold separately).  It entitles you to the full usage of Qt and the freedom to package and sell your product under the terms and conditions of a full commercial Qt license with support limited to installation issues.

We are looking forward to seeing what greatness you can achieve with Qt in the months and years to come:

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per month / per user with
1-year prepayment

Qt for Small Business

Everything you need for your software development lifecycle.
Ideal for small businesses, start-ups, and indie developers with commercial development projects.

Available subscriptions

1 year subscription with auto-renewal.

Distribution costs

Volume-based for embedded platforms.

Packages/Bundles available:



Limited to installation issues

Customer Success Management:

On demand

License Management:

Licenses are transferable every 6 months

Terms and Conditions:

Licensing T&C here

Distribution Fees:

See package info here

Get Qt for Small Business

Are you eligible?



The following terms and conditions apply to holders of a Qt for Small Business license:

  • Qt for Small Business is restricted to companies with an annual revenue + funding of max $250 000
    • You retain the right to use your Qt for Small Business license for the entire term if you qualified for it at the start; if your revenue should exceed 250 000 USD, you should prepare to change to a standard license once the term expires.Maximum four licenses per company are purchasable via the webshop (contact us if you need more)
  • Licenses are non-transferable



  • Customers are subject to automated audits to check whether they meet the above restrictions
  • This license entitles you to use Qt for development. If you distribute devices you build with Qt, you will incur a distribution license fee (please contact sales for more information). There are no distribution fees for mobile and/or desktop apps.
  • Customers can hold and renew a Qt for Small Business license as long as they are eligible, according to the rules above.
  • If you already hold an existing start-up license, it will be automatically upgraded at the start of your next renewal period.


Join our ranks of successful small-business-stars!

Start small, get big!

Greatness awaits, get started with Qt for Small Businesses right now!