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Qt in Digital TV and Set-Top-Boxes

When building a STB or developing a DTV platform, Qt is the smart choice.

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Delivering both high performance and high quality with an extremely responsive and visually appealing UI is the key to an engaging customer experience.

Beauty in the front. Power in the back.

Global leaders in the Digital TV and Set-Top-Box industry choose Qt to develop their UIs, applications and devices because of Qt’s powerful UI technology, web offering and productive tooling.

Have it all. Use Qt/C++ for your back-end application logic and QML for your UI design. Or, you can mix it up HTML5 hybrid development.

Fluid UI Design

Declarative programming & design – Qt Quick with QML is a revolutionary way for creating modern user interfaces. It provides everything needed to create a rich application with a fluid and dynamic user interface. The presentation layer of the application is defined with a declarative and CSS and JavaScript like UI-language called QML. QML files can be productively worked on by both the application developer, as well as a UI designer, removing the need for external UI mock-ups or prototypes.

Creating beautiful and smooth animations, transitions and gesture interaction is made easy with QML and is especially designed for creating scalable UIs for a multi-screen tech strategy. The graphics pipeline of Qt Quick directly utilizes OpenGL for superior performance on embedded and mobile platforms.

Learn more about UI development with Qt ›

Hybrid Development

Qt provides interfaces that support a wide range of standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Qt supports HTML5 features extensively and the JSON format natively for easy integration to external web services. You can reuse existing web UIs or make powerful hybrid applications with Qt Quick and dynamic HTML5 content. It is also possible to combine Qt C++ and QML code with HTML and JavaScript to create web applications.

Read about the Qt WebEngine features ›

Productivity Tools

Qt comes with the Qt Creator IDE, a fully-stocked cross-platform integrated development environment for easy creation of connected devices, UIs and applications. Since time-to-market is key, the IDE includes productivity tools that speed up your development time.

Also learn about how to make smooth animated UIs with Qt Quick Designer.

Success Stories

Learn how Qt has enabled some of the prominent players in digital TV industry to reach new level of UI innovation.

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Whitepaper - Beyond the Code

How Designers and Programmers can Work Together to Deliver Successful GUIs for Applications

This whitepaper will explore the requirements of user interface design for software systems and provide hints, tips and suggestions for anyone tasked with developing advanced GUIs and explain how building bridges between designers and programmers is the key to successful implementation.

Download the whitepaper below or find more whitepapers here.

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On-Demand Webinars & Events

Check out the on-demand webinar – New Possibilities with Qt WebEngine – to learn how QtWebEngine lets you access the features and raw power of a leading web browser platform (Chromium) through a convenient Qt API. For more on-demand webinar videos check out the events section.

Also, be sure to stay up-to-date and never miss the latest events on how Qt is bringing change to the set-top-box and digital TV industry. Whether you are looking for upcoming training, want to meet us an industry trade show, or missed a past event you can find them all here. ›

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