Modern CMake for Qt Developers | Keynote | #QtWS21

With 55% of developers using CMake as a build tool for C++ code, CMake is the de facto standard build tool for C++. The CMake development team and community are excited that Qt6 will be using CMake as its main build system. CMake has evolved over the past 20 years and each time a major community adopts CMake, there are features added to support that community. Qt6 is not unique in this respect. Several features have been added to CMake in support of this transition. For example, the ninja build now supports multiple configurations at the same time, automoc support has been improved, and custom commands can add depend information. In addition to covering those new additions and others, this talk will cover what it takes to write modern CMake code taking advantage of the latest paradigms of CMake coding and the new features available to developers.

Speaker: Bill Hoffman (Founder and CTO, Kitware)