Design as a Team Sport - DevDes 2021 Every seasoned designer has fallen into the trap. They see the bad design in front of them. They can’t help but see how bad it is. And they want to redesign it. Show the world how it should be done. An alternative is a well-designed process for creating your designs. The secret sauce for that well-designed process is the realization and inclusiveness of everyone on the team. It’s infused with an understanding of how people contribute to the design process, even when they aren’t trained in design skills. And it opens up opportunities to give everyone—not just your trained designers—the superpowers necessary to rid your products and services of bad design. In this entertaining presentation, Jared Spool will inspire you to: Realize the reason everyone thinks they are a designer is they *are* a designer, however unskilled Learn that our design processes need to be designed, with intention and thoughtfulness Focus on helping every contributing influencer of your designs become a consciously competent designer themselves