How Not to Design Reusable Components in QML

Reusable components are at the heart of QML and any other type of UI programming. The success of your UI development efforts depend on the extent of our success with component design in the technology we're using. There are many pitfalls of component design including, but not limited to: Depending on contextual information - Making decisions about component position in view when that decision should be left to the user of the component, not using proper implicit size information, making assumptions about where a component is used, using hard-coded size information making it difficult to adjust to different screen sizes, and using hard-coded colors making it difficult to create different themes. In the three years of working with QML to rebuild the UI of Autodesk's large CAD software, Furkan has learned a lot about component design in the real world and made mistakes. This talk is an attempt to sharing those mistakes and the solutions used to avoid them. Learn more about Qt: