How to Improve Software Quality with Static Code Analysis {On-demand webinar}

Are you already taking advantage of static code analysis? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of static code analysis? Detecting clones, dead code, division by zero, and other defects in the code at an early stage reduces the time and costs involved in fixing these issues at a later stage and avoids potential runtime errors. Static code analysis allows you to do this without having to compile your code or write test cases. It also ensures you follow the best practices or guidelines which apply to your software. Watch our webinar to see how to successfully implement static code analysis and check your software projects for style violations according to e.g., MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT, or C Secure Coding. We will also show you how errors in metrics based on lines and tokens, nesting, cyclomatic complexity, or control flow can easily be detected. In this webinar you will learn: - What static code analysis is and why it is important to use it - How compliance with safety-relevant software standards can be achieved - About the comprehensive static code analysis features of the Axivion Suite - Easy ways to improve your code quality Enjoy!