How to launch better software with froglogic Quality Assurance? {On-demand webinar}

Quality Assurance plays a critical role in any software development lifecycle. In order to compete and stand out in an increasingly competitive market, it’s crucial for companies to avoid the potential reputational damage that comes with launching subpar software. froglogic® was founded with one purpose in mind: to create a best-of-breed cross-platform GUI test automation tool which supports the automation of tests based on cross-platform GUI framework Qt.

froglogic co-founders Harri Porten and Reginald Stadlbauer with their team introduce how froglogic tools, now part of the Qt product offering, can help developers improve their quality assurance processes with high quality tests, fast regression detection, better test coverage, and increased application quality. Tune in to see:

• Introduction to froglogic

• A hands-on demo of froglogic tools

• Live Q&A