Qt Design Studio & Software Development Integration {On-demand webinar}

When creating a working UI (user interface), there is often a disconnect between the Designer’s UI design, and what Developers can do to bring the design to fruition. This is typically due to the design and development teams using different sets of tools, with different capabilities. Qt Design Studio bridges the gap by allowing the designer’s vision to be compatible with the development tools, creating an easy way for both teams to interact with the end-product. In this webinar Shawn Dorsey, Senior Technical Artist at Qt, and Eric Hicks, Senior Software Developer at Base2 Solutions, showcase the integration between design and development using Qt Design Studio with a live demonstration. In this webinar you will learn: · How to navigate Qt Design Studio and its features · How to easily integrate between Qt Design Studio and your Qt project · How to Increase productivity on UX/UI projects The contact information submitted for this webinar will be shared with the Qt partner and co-presenter, Base2 Solutions. Speakers: · Shawn Dorsey, Senior Technical Artist, The Qt Company · Eric Hicks, Software Development Lead, Base2 Solutions Shawn Dorsey is a Sr. Technical Artist for the Qt Company. He has Design & Engineering experience in both the Aviation and Automotive industries, including cutting-edge technology in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and WebGL. Shawn holds degrees in both Computer-aided Design/Engineering and 3D Animation/Visual Effects. Eric Hicks is a senior leader for the software development practice at Base2 Solutions. He has a wide breadth of knowledge, demonstrating leadership on software projects for distributed systems and developing mobile and embedded Qt based applications for multiple In-Flight Entertainment vendors. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, as well as being a Microsoft Certified Professional and Agile SAFe® Practitioner.