Building Qt for Any Embedded Technology

Rami Potinkara, Sr. Manager in Qt R&D will talk about a cookbook and practical tools to boot devices to Qt more easily. Learn the steps to build software for any board from customizing the Boot to Qt software stack and creating a Qt Board Support Package (BSP) based on Yocto Embedded Linux for Qt 6.

What is a Boot to Qt?

Yocto-based Embedded Linux stack

  • Yocto-project layers and recipes
  • Qt libraries and tooling, hardware drivers, OS etc.

Intended for rapid prototyping

  • Includes everything you need from Qt
  • Not optimized nor productized

What is a Qt BSP?

Qt Board support package

  • Toolchain, image, and Qt Creator configurations
  • Compliant with Qt Maintenance / Installer Tool Intended for sharing deliverables
  • Developers to developers - in the organization
  • Partners to customers - between organizations

What is a Cookbook?

  • Modernized documentation for better support
  • Changes based on feedback from the ecosystem

What do you need to run Boot to Qt on your board?

  • Focused documentation for autonomy
  • How to change, tune and optimize Boot to Qt
  • How to get Qt and Qt tools to work on your board?

We'd like to enable more autonomy to our users, partners, and vendors by providing these instructions and tools for your board and extend it to a wider scope of linux-based distros. Watch and learn more!


Speaker: Rami Potinkara, Senior Manager R&D, The Qt Company

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