Using Code Coverage Analysis to Enhance Product Quality, froglogic {Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020}

A key indicator to measure the quality of software testing is to understand how much of your application’s source code is covered by the tests at hand. The central idea behind collecting coverage data is that well-tested code, i.e., statements, functions, conditions or branches which have been fully executed, offers a lower chance of software defects being present in the shipped product. This talk will introduce froglogic’s Squish Coco, a complete, cross-platform, cross-compiler toolchain for code coverage analysis of C/C++/C# and QML-based applications. Coco offers automatic source code instrumentation, allowing the user to measure test coverage of statements, conditions and branches without making any changes to the application. Analysis of the instrumented application can be used to understand how much of the application’s source code has been hit by tests, which additional tests need to be written, how the test coverage has changed over time and more. This talk will explore how you can use Coco to enhance product quality and improve your dev and QA teams’ testing efficiency, with an additional focus on safety-critical software applications, for which code coverage takes special meaning before bringing a product to market. Speaker: Nicholas Medeiros, Marketing Engineer, froglogic Nicholas Medeiros (or "Nick") joined froglogic as a Marketing Engineer in 2018, following graduate study in computational mechanics and various AE roles within the software sector. When he’s not blogging for froglogic, he enjoys testing vegan recipes, reading poetry and modding his Subaru. Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020 was held in May 2020. 35+ live tech talks, Q&As, and more were carried out by members of the international Qt community, in a free online event for designers, developers, and technology managers; focusing on interactive learning to create high performance UI/UX, applications with the Qt framework.