What Does it Take to Add Data Encryption to a Qt Application? | Platform | #QtWS21

The current legislation in Europe together with the rise of cybercrime makes holding unencrypted private data sets on the server side more a liability than an opportunity. One strategy to counter that is to manage data on the client-side and encrypt those when the data pass the Internet or even are stored on servers that could be accessed from outside. The authors have recently gone through the experience of adding encryption to their projects and would like to share the learnings. This is not a deep dive into cryptography, and not a rant about data security. This is a talk for common developers who would like to pass information over the Internet with reasonable protections along the way but prefer to (and most really should) use already available stacks for that. Even usage of encryption without knowing what you're doing can undermine the purpose, and though Qt does help to do the right things, it won't completely cover you. We're going to discuss: - what kinds of encryption one should consider; - what Qt has in stock for that; - what can be taken from elsewhere; - and what implementing encryption in a Qt application ultimately entails, including gotchas we know of.

Speaker: Alexey Rusakov (Matrix.org), Tobias Fella (KDE.org)