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Qt Brings Ulstein’s Daring & Industry Disruptive Vision to Reality.

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Shorter Development Time

"It was quite amazing for us to see that we were able to cut down the development time from 1000 - 1300 hrs to 50 hrs by being able to allow all developers and customers to work on the same IDE"

Rune Volden, R&D Manager, Ulstein Power & Control


"Qt’s own declarative language for creating graphical user interfaces makes it easy for designers and developers to work side by side to create HMIs that support the ship’s operators. Further benefits include the cross-platform advantages with Linux, Windows, IOS/Android operating systems. We already use our applications different types of devices such as IO controllers, industrial PCs and panel PCs. Beyond the extensive support provided by The Qt Company, another advantage came with having many classes and an extensive library. The large user community also helped convince the team to use Qt."

Jonas Wenström, Project Manager, Ulstein Automation Systems


Shipbuilding for the Digital Future - with Qt Professional Services

The first project with Qt and The Qt Company services team let Ulstein Power & Control AS prepare shipbuilding for the digital future with a wave breaking automation system. Ulstein’s solution is a flexible, modular, and user-friendly automation system that provides a wide range of functionality and applications. The solution enables integrated control and monitoring of the signal and alarm monitoring and information systems; engines, propulsion and thrusters, vessel performance; power management systems (PMS), and vessel’s power plant and power distribution systems.

Ulstein’s modern, modular, and distributed architecture of their automation platform enables efficient process handling. The system is capable of handling large amounts of data at high speed. Signal and alarm handling is vital, so is the system’s ability to log data and support the user in analyzing historical data and trends.


The digital maritime future is here and now. Ulstein Group ASA is a group of maritime companies, specializing in ship design and maritime solutions, shipbuilding, power and control and shipping with a reputation and long tradition of providing innovation and quality, which goes hand in hand with the reputation of Qt and The Qt Company.

"New technologies can radically improve the efficiency of how a ship is operated. The future is about embracing these possibilities, developing interfaces for safer and more efficient operations." Hide explains. The flexible and modular architecture brings Ulstein a scalable platform for future ship automation, written with Qt.

All solutions coming from Ulstein will be built on the same Qt architecture in the future – and with this as building blocks – more autonomous systems will be the outcome.''

Gunnar H. Hide, Managing Director, Ulstein


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Radically Improved Efficiency

Ulstein chose Qt over other technology solutions because of its overall offering, extensive libraries, and the advantages gained from features such as the Qt Quick's declarative UI design approach. The GUI developed in conjunction with Qt and The Qt Company’s consultancy team was designed to let the ship operator respond with efficiency. The Qt Company also developed a graphical editor, which made it possible to have the entire control system in one readable configuration. 

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