Built With Qt

The Rapid Development Environment for Enterprise Applications.


different target platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS) with a single code base


Rapid Application Development framework and application engine - all built with Qt!


less lines of code written

Saving thousands of development hours.

Using multiple technologies to develop a business application complicates its development, implementation, and maintenance. The Velneo development platform enables a one-time development process and the deployment to multiple operating systems, where the app will run natively for best performance. The integrated database, object refactoring and advanced inspectors speed up the maintenance and evolution of business applications like never before. Velneo includes open-source software, saving thousands of development hours for any application, accelerating delivery times and quality. Another strong benefit of the platform is that it was designed to maximize performance in deploying Cloud applications. Thousands and thousands of users around the world work every day with Velneo applications in Cloud thanks to Qt framework. Velneo is multilingual, and for the developer community, it also has all its resources and services in Spanish.

Making Life Easy for Programmers, how?

Velneo has been working hard to make things more affordable and forthcoming. Qt Widgets makes it easy for them to build desktop interfaces quickly, and with Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls, they can build rich interfaces for mobility. They have built their own VATP protocol on TCP and registered by IANA with Qt Network. They combine web interfaces and widgets with Qt WebEngine, and they use Qt Script to let the end user customize their applications. With Qt Print Support and Qt Charts, they generate and print reports and integrate graphics, images, and more. Qt Location, Qt Positioning, and Qt Sensors are there for maps, GPS, and sensors. Qt SQL and Qt Concurrent makes connecting to external databases and running parallel processes a breeze. All this was integrated with their own proprietary NoSQL database.

Velneo uses Qt to make life easier for programmers. The tools and templates are created by engineers and computer scientists who are familiar with the challenges of development. This way, Velneo lets their customers focus on creating solutions, instead of worrying about technology.

Qt allows us to demonstrate that technology can be developed in a different way; based on research and innovation. That technology for us is a means, not an end. Hence the phrase that summarizes our philosophy: "Life is soft". We work to make the complicated simple, and the costly affordable and forthcoming.

Domi Fernández, CEO of Velneo


  • Enable agile, stable and secure enterprise application development for global market outreach.
  • Accelerate enterprise application delivery.
  • Speed up application maintainability and evolution.
  • Maximize performance with the app running natively.
  • Ensure cross-platform capabilities enabling a one-time development process and the deployment to multiple operating systems. 


  • Software departments now have access to a complete platform for enterprise application development
  • Velneo allows customers to focus on creating solutions for their users, finding the right technology.
  • Upholding reliability, performance, cloud, and design as key values of this software product.
  • With the integrated database, object refactoring and advanced inspectors application maintenance and evolution speed of applications are unprecedented.

Explore Velneo's Qt Toolbox

Qt Widgets

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Qt Print Support

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Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls

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Qt Location, Qt Positioning and Qt Sensors

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Qt Network

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Qt WebEngine

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Qt Concurrent

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Qt Script

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Qt Charts

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Velneo designs, develops and markets a complete platform for the development of business applications. It has all the necessary elements without the need for third-party products. In this sense, it offers an integral solution for programmers: development environment, database manager, application server, solution installer, ODBC connectivity, open source business template, as well as implementation and execution of the apps natively in local, in the cloud (SaaS), on the Web (thanks to vModApache) and on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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