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Veriskin Fights Skin Cancer

with a Lightning-Fast and Low-Cost Diagnostics Device Built with Qt

30 000

Lives potentially saved thanks to early detection of melanoma.


effective in detecting a skin cancer in those who have the disease.

$ 3.2 Billion

saving's potential

Here at Qt, we get excited when we see what cool software Qt users come up with. Sometimes they make lives easier, more fun, save money, make us laugh or frown in amused confusion. Finally, there are those that save people's lives and make our hearts swell. 

Veriskin, Inc. is a medical device startup company that, in collaboration with our partner Witekio, has developed a novel, inexpensive handheld device for non-invasive skin cancer screening.

Recent clinical studies performed in multiple dermatology clinics across California and Arizona proved that the device can determine whether a skin growth is cancerous within two minutes at an unparalleled 100% sensitivity and 96.7% specificity.

In 2016 Veriskin, Inc. has been awarded an SBIR Phase II grant award by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Cancer detection with this device is also relatively cheap. This might encourage people to sign up for more regular screenings. According to Veriskin, skin cancer causes around 30'000 deaths per year in the US and the EU alone. This is especially tragic considering that most patients could be saved if a melanoma is detected early.

In addition, the device also aims to reduce unnecessary biopsies and dermatologist appointments. Veriskin estimates the saving's potential to the US healthcare industry and insurers alone at $3.2B.  

Qt made it possible to have a smooth and elegant looking UI on a tiny display. Even with the display so small, the UI was clear, and it was easy to notice every single detail, which greatly enhanced some the animations and images.

Igmar Hernandez, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Witekio

Sharp as a Scalpel – Witekio's UI Built with Qt

Witekio integrated the solution's overall low-level software layers, improved to the device's boot time, and developed an innovative Qt5 user interface.

Initial mockups were created in Photoshop and imported to Qt. Additionally, ready-made Qt Quick controls were used to save time and effort in the UI development.

Hardware and Backend Implementation Under the Microscope

Veriskin's device runs on a Variscite System on a Module based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. This Linux BSP supports the onboard hardware components of the System on Module (esp. connectivity features, such as Wi-FI.) This gives the end user the combined benefit of all the functionalities of a Linux operating system and the raw performance and perks of the Qualcomm processor.

Witekio adapted and optimized the Linux kernel to fully support the device’s screen, as well as a full set of drivers tests to ensure its reliability. 

If you want to learn more about the Veriskin case and Witekio's expertise in embedded software, the medical market, and tackling technical challenges, head on over to Witekio's website

Qt made the development fun and productive by allowing me to work on two different PC environments. I started to work on Windows, but later I started using Linux. The transition between the two was smooth and problem-free. I just pulled my source from Git and was able to compile it for Windows, Linux, and cross-compile for the specific target platform.

Igmar Hernandez, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Witekio

Qt Features Used


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Veriskin, Inc. is a medical device startup focusing on developing a noninvasive device for skin cancer screening. Veriskin has developed a novel, low-cost, inexpensive method and handheld device for non-invasive skin cancer screening which determines if a suspect skin growth is cancerous in ~ 2 min. In 2016 Veriskin, Inc. has been awarded a SBIR Phase II grant award by the National Cancer Institute of the NIH.

Veriskin took the fight to cancer. Do you also need some help to make the world a better place? We're here for you.

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