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Design and develop great user experiences

With Qt, you can create awesome user experiences that in turn creates dedicated customers and elevates your company into a cult-like brand.

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Qt saves you money

With Qt, one code stack and one development team can support all your target platforms at the same time. You might not just take our word for it, but surely you can trust Forrester's total economic impact report.

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Qt helps the best companies in the world deliver better user experiences faster

In-flight entertainment systems

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In-vehicle infotainment system

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Graphics software

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Anesthesia & critical care medical devices

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EDA & CAD end-to-end engineering solutions

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Automotive mobility technology

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Get your products to market faster

Qt streamlines your workflows at every step of your project. With Qt, designers and developers are able to collaborate seamlessly and utilize Qt’s ready-made libraries to deliver products ahead of the competition.

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Performance, delivered

Performance is a feature. With Qt, you can deliver it. More responsive human-to-machine interactions, faster startup times, smoother animations, and better performance makes your UX your differentiator.

See how Mbition used Qt to develop their premium UIs

Not enough? We’ve got even more reasons for you!

A happy developer is a productive developer

Qt is the fastest, easiest and most fun experience a developer could wish for.

Develop for any platform

“Code once, deploy everywhere” is what Qt is about. Cross-platform development not only saves time, it is a strategy enabler.

Flexible. Reliable. Qt.

Design your UI assets by importing them from 3rd party graphic design tools, applying Qt’s premade widgets and controls, or using QML.

One framework, fewer dependencies

Building an application based on libraries and toolsets from different frameworks can cause instabilities and complications – just ask Dr. Frankenstein.

We speak many languages

Qt supports different development languages. C++ is efficient, powerful, and versatile. Qt’s declarative UI language, QML, makes it easy to create UIs at blinding speed. You can even code in Python!

Open source and future-proof

Did you know a framework’s ecosystem can future-proof your project? Qt has a dedicated user-base over one million strong. Thanks to its roots in open source, Qt thrives through contributions from the community.

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