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Qt 3D Studio

Create immersive 3D user interfaces.

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Watch the 3D Studio demo video from Qt World  Summit 2017!

Watch now

Watch how you can design graphical elements in your favorite design tool, import them into Qt and use them to create a 3D touch-screen UI. 

Qt Quick Integration

Qt 3D Studio offers easy 2-way integration to Qt Quick by integrating Qt 3D Studio scenes inside Qt Quick based applications and by rendering Qt Quick
views into 3D elements as textures. We made it easy to combine 2D and 3D content to ensure that you get the best possible user experience.

Changing content can be implemented with 3D technologies which enables use of real time shading and lighting effects. Qt Quick user interfaces (e.g.
calendar, music player contacts) are rendered as textures into gauges. Qt Quick also manages the 3D user interface states changes defined in Qt 3D Studio. 2D parts of the user interface have been designed with Qt Quick Designer.

Get Qt 3D Studio 

Use the Qt Online installer tools section to download Qt 3D Studio. The online installer is available for both mobile and desktop application development and embedded device creation.