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New (and last?) QtAnimationFramework Solution

Following the good habit of release early, release often: here we have yet another qt solutions release: the QtAnimationFramework 2.2 (and since 2.1 it's LGPL too o/)

It's mainly a refinement of the previous version, after a round of API review and incorporating all the feedback we got internally and externally. One main modification was to rename QtAnimation to QtVariantAnimation (this was to scare most users away from using QtVariantAnimation directly, as this is an abstract class). Apart from that, we did some minor API modifications in QtVariantAnimation, QtAnimationGroup and QtSequentialAnimationGroup and several bugfixes.

This solution also includes the code to the AnimatedTiles example that was previously posted here, by Andreas.

We are also providing an example class CustomPropertyAnimation, in the sub-attaq demo, which shows how to animate QGraphicsItem (you can also use it to animate your own classes). You just need to provide your specific getter and setter functions. Another nice feature of the sub-attaq demo is that it's now using the statemachine API for coding the game logic (that's really cool, more details will follow in a separate blog post)!

As the animation framework is approaching a fairly stable stage now, we are looking forward for it being used in more and more applications. The animation framework is a fundamental piece, on which the other pieces of the bigger kinetic project will build upon, such as the declarative UI (this alone deserves a separate post too). Therefore all the work on creating your animations now will be worth in the future.

Our next step regarding the animation framework is to integrate into qt 4.6 and after that there will be no more solution releases :)

Hope you have fun and looking forward for your feedback!

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