Qt Developer Days Munich - And that's a wrap!

We are now packing the signs, closing the laptops and turning off the projectors from this year's Qt Developer Days event in Munich. It was a fantastic event with over 750 attendees and Trolls, making it Nokia's biggest developer event of 2009.

We wanted to blog more but connection problems and a rather hectic schedule limited our blogging time. So instead we are going to post a few articles that came out of the event and then provide a more detailed update later--after the annual team dinner and a good night's sleep!

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How Nokia Learned to Love Openness

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What to expect from Nokia’s Qt Dev Days 2009

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Nokia Qt Developer Days: from the show floor

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From Flash to Qt: different tech, same themes

Nokia va proposer une Certification Qt

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Qt Dev Days 2009: Nokia baut Qt Developer Frameworks aus

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Qt Dev Days 2009: Qt Roadmap - Effekte und Design für viele Plattformen

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