This week (11) in QtWebKit trunk

In this week the main focus has been on cleaning up Bugzilla. We formally spend Tuesday and Wednesday on triaging bugs, but even the days before and afterwards the cleanup continued. We started out on Tuesday morning with about 180 bugs and now we're down to 10-20. Check out our bugs wiki page with links to filters, instructions on bug reporting and triaging:

In addition we kept the Subversion server busy with a fair amount of fixes. I extracted the following highlights:

  • Several fixes in the DRT testing tool, among others by Chang (36139) and Laszlo (36139). The currently skipped layout tests remain a place with low hanging fruits and are a great way to get started with contributions.
  • Chang also fixed some bugs in the Qt part of the Canvas and Gradient implementations (36059, 36060).
  • Kim and Noam fixed bugs in the accelerated compositing code path (36034, 36158, 36219).
  • Antti landed the tiled backing store, which allows changing the rendering of QGraphicsWebView to cache the contents of the rendered page in tiles that are updated dynamically (35146, 36121, 36102).
  • Yael has started implementing the HTML 5 progress element, mapped to appearance of QProgressBar through QStyle (35937, 36113).
  • Robert fixed a crash inQWebView::setPage (36137).
  • Jakub fixed a crash in the Qt Multimedia media element backend (36142).
  • Kenneth fixed a bug with the media type not being restored when printing (35308).
  • Tor Arne fixed a bug with text not being clipped correctly (29477).
  • Diego added a viewport update debug feature to QtLaunchner (36175).
  • Luiz is working on support for popups with multiple selections (36177).
  • Antonio has been fixing bugs in the spatial navigation (36020).

There is no weekly build yet, but it'll show up in the usual location in the coming days.

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