QtWebKit-2.1.0 has been released!

After a long period of tests, the 2.1.0 version of QtWebKit has finally been released. It's available in several ways:

QtWebKit-2.1 was branched from the WebKit trunk on July of 2010 and includes several HTML5, CSS and JavaScript improvements when compared to QtWebKit-2.0 (besides the usual bug fixes). For a detailed list of changes, please check the QtWebKit-2.1 release notes. The project wiki has build instructions and other useful resources as well.

Please note that the QtWebKit-2.1 series is considered "internal" and is not officially supported on desktop platforms, even though it's relatively stable and is being used by developers and testers for a while, specially on Linux. Desktop users may prefer to wait for QtWebKit-2.2, which is planned for the end of this semester (H1 2011) and will be officially targeted at all platforms supported by Qt.

Discussion about QtWebKit happens primarily on the developer mailing list and on the #qtwebkit IRC channel on freenode. Everybody interested in the development and use of QtWebKit is welcome to join.

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