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Ubuntu keynote leads the Qt and Linux celebration at Qt Developer Days

Rick Spencer and Jono Bacon of Canonical have accepted our invitation to take the stage at Qt Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco respectively to deliver keynotes at Qt Developer Days 2011.

The keynotes will focus  on Qt, Linux and the developing relationship between Qt and Canonical’s Ubuntu distribution. Rick Spencer is Director of Ubuntu Engineering, and Jono Bacon is Ubuntu Community Manager.

This year’s Qt Developer Days features the largest number of desktop-centric sessions in the event’s history, many relating to Linux.

Linux and Qt will also be on show in other streams such as the sessions featuring the Nokia N9, the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan smartphone built on the mainline Linux kernel.

The concentration of Qt and Linux content at Developer Days comes as the platform celebrates the 20th anniversary of its inception.

The appearance of Canonical follows the company’s decision to include Qt as a standard component in future versions of Canonical’s  Ubuntu Linux distribution, starting with version 11.10.

The Canonical duo are the first keynote to be announced for Qt Developer Days 2011, and here on the Qt blog we will unveil more information soon on the other world-class keynotes scheduled this year.

There is still time to secure your place at Qt Developer Days. Head to http://qt.nokia.com/qtdevdays2011/ to explore the agenda and secure your spot at the event.

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