Qt Developer Days 2012 Soon Here!

Even with all the changes around Qt over the last year, there are some constants that we have. One of them is Qt Developer Days. I'm really happy, that we will also this year have this great event in both Berlin and Santa Clara. This event has always been a great place to meet many people from all over the world who use Qt, listen to lots of great presentations and in general have a good time.

I'm really looking forward to this year's Dev Days as this year, for the first time, it is organised by KDAB, ICS and Digia. I'm sure the event will be as exciting as ever, and I've seen lots of cool presentations in the line-up.

The Berlin event is from the 12-14th of November and the event in Santa Clara is from the 5-7th of December.

You can have a look at the Berlin program, directly here:

The U.S event agenda will be up soon.

For more info and registration have a look at http://www.qtdeveloperdays.com.

I really hope to see you and talk to as many Qt users as possible during these events!

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