Qt 6.1 Beta Released

I am pleased to announce that we released the first beta of Qt 6.1 today. As the first feature update in the Qt 6 series, Qt 6.1 adds some important new functionality and brings support for multiple additional libraries. We will continue to provide subsequent beta releases via the online installer throughout the beta phase.

With Qt 6.0 released in December, we want to provide the first feature update as soon as possible - targeting to release the Qt 6.1.0 end of April. This allows us to bring improvements over the Qt 6.0, provide support for new platforms as well as release some of the additional libraries that were not yet available with Qt 6.0. 

For overview of the most important changes in Qt 6.1, please check https://wiki.qt.io/New_Features_in_Qt_6.1 

After the first beta released today, we will push out multiple new beta releases using the online installer. With this approach, it is easy for users to test the new features and provide feedback. We are not planning to publish separate blog posts for the subsequent beta releases and release candidate(s). In addition to binaries, source packages of each beta release are also available for those who prefer to build themselves.

I hope many of you will install the Qt 6.1 Beta releases, test and provide feedback to help us to complete Qt 6.1. For any issues you may find, please submit a detailed bug report to bugreports.qt.io. When filing a bug report, remember to mention which beta you found the issue with, check for duplicates and known issues. You are also welcome to join the discussions in the Qt Project mailing lists and developer forums.

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