Qt 6.6 Beta Released

We have released Qt 6.6 Beta1 today. Qt 6.6 Beta1 is available via Qt Online Installer. In addition to the online installer Qt 6.6 Beta1 source packages are available in the Qt Account Portal for commercial users and in the opensource download area for opensource users. This is the first beta and we will release more beta releases during the beta phase.

What's new in Qt 6.6

Qt 6.6 adds one new module: Qt Graphs. In addition to this new module, there are of course lots of new features and improvements within the existing modules. For more information about new features etc in Qt 6.6 please follow our blogs. 

Provide feedback

I am hoping you will find time to try the Qt 6.6 Beta releases and provide us feedback. For any issues you may find, please submit a detailed bug report to bugreports.qt.io.  You are also welcome to join the Qt Project mailing lists and developer forums discussions.

Qt 6.6 release plan

We will release new beta releases during the beta phase so please check updates regularly from the online installer. Our target is to release Qt 6.6.0 at the end of September 2023. See more details about Qt 6.6 schedule from Qt 6.6 releasing wiki.

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