Qt and Panasonic Automotive Partner to Enable the Software Defined Vehicle

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America recently announced the availability of Virtual SkipGen, a digital twin of their 3rd generation digital cockpit solution, on AWS Marketplace.  Virtual SkipGen includes fully optimized support for Android Automotive OS for infotainment and Automotive Grade Linux for cluster domains.

"The Virtual SkipGen revolutionizes the automotive development landscape, empowering teams to seamlessly integrate cutting edge software-defined vehicle features." said Andrew Poliak, Chief Technology Officer, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America. "The use of Virtual SkipGen and Qt together sets a new standard for HMI creation by minimizing hardware constraints and allowing unparalleled scalability in the cloud." 

Virtual SkipGen also includes support for common automotive peripherals and sensors to allow for end-to-end testing without the prerequisite of physical hardware.

Qt also announced at CES 2024 a new partnership with AWS called: Qt for Cloud.

Combining Qt and the Panasonic Virtual SkipGen yields a powerful new way for developers to design, develop and test their applications with a high degree of parity and all the benefits of cloud scalability.  Without the necessity for a physical evaluation kit, developers can truly work anywhere and drastically "shift-left" the development cycle with cloud-based hardware available on day one.

"The Virtual SkipGen from Panasonic Automotive, alongside the newly available Qt solutions in the AWS Marketplace, will help OEMs mitigate supply chain challenges and save significant development and testing time.” says Juhapekka Niemi, SVP of Product Management at Qt"



Pictured above is Qt's flagship automotive reference demo, Outrun, running on the Virtual SkipGen - just one of the many possibilities enabled by this partnership.

Both the Panasonic Virtual SkipGen and Qt are available today on the AWS marketplace.