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Qt is pleased to be at the forefront of cloud-based, HMI development.  Announced at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Qt has brought Boot to Qt to the cloud by running atop an AWS Graviton EC2 processor.  The original impetus for Boot to Qt was to provide our customers an out-of-box experience that enables them to build and deploy to reference hardware targets within minutes.  Combining Boot to Qt with the AWS Graviton ARM-based processors enables our customers to achieve a drastic “shift left” when it comes to building, deploying, and testing applications.

Core parity achieved via AWS means that ARM-based Qt applications built for Graviton instances can then be deployed to physical ARM-based hardware without being rebuilt.  Core parity is a key feature to be demoed at our booth in West Hall at CES (W310).

Taking things a step further, Qt users can develop complex 3D user interfaces using Qt’s Quick 3D engine atop an Amazon EC2 G5g instances, moving users one step closer to creating their “digital twin” in the cloud.  Pictured below is Project Outrun, built with Qt and deployed to a G5g instance:

Qt Outrun Demo


The full arsenal of AWS tools, services and simulation offerings are available to expedite product development, allowing comprehensive testing combinations that were previously not possible. Qt is cross platform by nature and thus it is a natural fit for both target and host environments which will have virtually unlimited scaling enabled by the cloud.  Qt's product suite includes tools for designers, developers, testers and more.  An example workflow might involve bridging Figma assets into Design Studio, exporting the project to Creator, building for the device, and finally executing automated tests with the Squish GUI tester.  Here is a preview of what this workflow might look like:

QT for Cloud AWS

Example use cases include automotive, medical industry automation, aerospace and defense and much more.  The Boot to Qt Amazon Machine Image (AMI) can be instanced from the AWS marketplace today.  Here is a short video showing just how quick and easy it is to get started:


Note: A Device Creation Enterprise or evaluation license will be required for building and deploying to the AMI.

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Please see Boot to Qt 6.7 in AWS Marketplace for more details, including user guide: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-rwuw657v4gaje#pdp-overview

Qt at CES: https://www.qt.io/ces_2024