Qt Quick additions to Qt5

Some time ago we released some QML components as part of the Qt6 which was well received. However, this led the Qt5 users not having them as Qt5 cannot have new APIs without extra magic. So, as some of you already saw, we removed the prices of the marketplace items that this is about.

So, unless you have not done it, now is good time to enhance your Qt5 environment with modules like TreeView, CalendarView and Multieffects. If you are not familiar with these, here's a small recap:

Treeview - Qt Quick (QML) gives you possibility to create tree views (like open folder structure etc) in apps done with QML. For more info, please read this article: https://marketplace.qt.io/products/treeview

Calendarview (Calendar for Qt Quick) - this is similar add-on like Treeview but gives you a QML based calendar item and date picker. Here is more info: https://marketplace.qt.io/products/qt-quick-calendar

Multieffects - gives you possibility to chain 2D post processing effects without consuming extra FBOs. Qt 6.5 will introduce a Quick Effect Maker tool and there is Qt Design Studio plugin as well. It's pretty cool, check it out: https://marketplace.qt.io/products/qt-quick-multieffect

Now, let's get practical. How do you then get & install these items into your Qt environment. Regardless of the license (OSS or commercial) the steps are the same:

How to download

1. On the page of the plugin in Qt marketplace, click ‘Get extension

2. This opens a new page. Here you can optionally check ‘Email me with news and offers’ if you want to get such emails.

3. To proceed with the transaction, click ‘Continue to payment

4. This opens the last page of the flow. Here you just click ‘Buy’ to complete transaction.

5. Soon you get two emails from Qt Marketplace. One with subject ‘Order xxxxx confirmed’ and then one with 'Instructions for your Qt Marketplace order’. The latter is the one with instructions related to your package.

TreeView & Calendar for Qt Quick

On the instructions email you can see a section: ‘Instructions: See application instructions' please click that one. You will be shown a page to download a zip or tar archive about the package. Make sure you’re using Qt5 package for Qt5 environment. For Qt6, the item is already in the release.

Qt Quick MultiEffect

TL/DR? Just clone the repo: https://code.qt.io/qt-extensions/qtquickmultieffect.git

If you want to take the high road, here are step by step instructions: On the instructions email you can see a section: ‘Instructions: See application instructions’ please click that one. You will be sent to a page that has a download link named ‘Download component’. Click it. You will end up at https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt-extensions/qtquickmultieffect.git. 


Ok, now you have them downloaded. These packages have been done primarily on Qt5 so they build & install nicely with qmake, it's as simple as 1-2-3:

1. qmake

2. make

3. make install



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