UIUX Trends for Appliances & Electronics Product Lines

Do you smell what's cooking? A new white paper is out with in-depth insights on the latest UIUX trends on hardware and software architectures to help pivot through smarter production for your product lines.

Download: New Appliance & Electronics Product Line Features Four UIUX Trends in Four Markets

Download white paper:  The [Connected] Home is Where the Heart Is: User Interface Design for Smart Appliances

Learn more about:

  • The state of the embedded industry and UIUX trends for smart appliances
  • How to design for different markets, capture requirements, architect software, build controls 
  • Modern approach to achieve a consistent look and feel 
  • Usability testing on stylistic features and evaluating likeliness to buy
  • Managing costs for hardware and software architectures

A few of the appliances and electronics trends that will be covered are technological, graphical, and feature levels in the context of ovens. The paper will also highlight human machine interface (HMI) trends to consider for next-generation devices, as a combination of the innovation raised from these categories:

    1. Mixed interactions
      Moving toward mixed interactions through voice and gesture combined with visual aid
      and classic touch controllers.

    2. More advanced personalization
      Adaptations to the user that is different from customization that makes the content
      feel as if it has been created especially for them.

    3. UX/UI simplifications and optimizations
      Allowing less thinking actions and more natural behaviors to increase user satisfaction and accessibility

    4. Animations and transitions
      smart phone like animated interactions with smooth and pleasing transitions to encourage users and help with navigation

    5. Introducing 3D UI elements
      Creating immersive experiences through 3D graphics and elements to engage users a

In case you need more convincing, here is a short demo video and a few of interesting topics you'll see in the white paper. Check it out!


With the white paper includes a prototype of four UIUX designs on four different markets using a few of the HMI trends above. A product family was built using only Qt for 4 UIs in record speed: 1. Android on mobile, 2. Linux on a high-end embedded device, 3. bare metal on a mid-range device (NXP i.MX RT 1170 microcontroller) and 4. bare metal on a low-end device ( STM32F469I microcontroller).

uiux trends oven demo 4 ranges



Trending features

Discover how the features and functionalities were chosen for the different range of devices. This allows for more flexibility to the bill of materials (BOM) and creating graphical UIs.





Find out how new stylistic features such as dark mode, neumorphism, glassmorphism, 3D and more modern UIs were applied across all devices and screens.


dark mode controls



The design aimed was to create an interface that would adapt to three different target screen sizes (plus one mobile app) without scaling, but rather re-disposing the graphical elements to fit each target display.


QT Responsive UI Concept_Social


Streamlining workflows & code re-use
Starting from trends research highlights and UI UX best practices, the actual demo design and
development workflow has been set up to be straightforward and time-saving in terms of graphical and codebase assets.
Oven UI wireframe

Usability testing

Concerning the subjective factors, Dark mode has been considered slightly more readable than the Light mode (+2,00 against +1,67), while no differences have been noticed in pleasantness (+1,50 for both versions).


Regarding the market-oriented parameters, research conducted on users showed that consumers would pay on average 687,91€ for an oven equipped with that interface, and would pay 154,58€ for the display / UI if it would be offered as an “Optional”.


Like what you see so far? Be sure to download the white paper to gather more insights, and share it with your peers! 

To learn more about the latest UIUX trends in a live webinar setting, please join us at the industry events and sessions below where it will be addressed.  

  1. ST Developer Conference 2021 - October 26-27, 2021 
  2. Qt World Summit 2021 - November 3, 2021
  3. NXP Connects 2021- Nov 9-10, 10-11 
  4. Renesas Automotive Days 2021 - November 18 

For any questions or comments, please contact us or download Qt if you haven't already done so!


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