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Your brand's own signature UI with Android Automotive

With Qt for Android Automotive, OEMs can leverage all the ready-made functions and services of the Android Automotive operating systems (AAOS) while enjoying full control over the UI's look and feel with state-of-the-art 2D and 3D graphics for the creation of iconic in-car digital experiences.


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Custom UIs, built with Qt

The Qt framework enables full customization of the AAOS for a branded, consistent look-and-feel across all displays of the car.

  • Empower a branded, holistic user experience across all car screens with Qt cross-platform technology
  • Customize the Android home screen and system UI with Qt HMI framework and design tools
  • Take advantage of all the ready-made AAOS functionalities without renouncing your own brand identity across all displays

High-performance, immersive 2D and 3D graphics

Qt gives OEMs the freedom to choose how their Android-powered cockpit will look like. By enriching the Android UI with advanced 2D and 3D graphics, Qt opens a new horizon of creative opportunities for carmakers.

  • Embed Qt 3D applications within Android UIs
  • Handle uniformly 2D and 3D graphics in the same UI
  • Exploit Qt real-time rendering pipeline optimized for embedded systems
  • Create entirely new themes for Android on your vehicles

Ready-made integration with the in-car service ecosystem

Qt for Android Automotive grants full access to the car service API and to the AAOS car data.

  • Car services and Vehicle properties (speed, gear, telltales, tires, lights, HVAC, etc.)
  • Driver distraction monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Bluetooth stack
  • Multi-media player
  • Google Automotive Services (incl. Google Maps, Play Store, Google Assistant, and more)
  • Plenty of ready-made native and third-party applications

Flexible deployment

Qt offers full freedom and flexibility in creating the UI solution that best fits your needs.

  • Create a fully customized Android launcher
  • Embed Qt 2D and 3D elements within a standard Android HMI
  • Run native Android applications within Qt

Android in Qt Creator

With Qt Creator, carmakers can benefit from using a single toolchain across the entire digital cockpit enabling the sharing of libraries & components across projects and seamless communication with other devices.

  • Setup Android SDK in Qt Creator
  • Connect seamlessly with Android Car APIs and vehicle properties
  • Emulate Android devices in Qt Creator
  • Deploy and run applications on the emulator
  • Interact with the application via Android Extended Controls
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