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Find a collection of free demo images, compatible with a range of MCU boards from Renesas. Download a pre-built demo image, check the how-to guide, and run the demo on your board. The demos feature rich graphics, touch screen controls, multi-lingual support and a variety of animations and controls for any use case.





Due to licensing requirements, we must ensure that you are currently in possession of the Renesas RH850-D1M1A before providing the demo binary files. If you have any questions about this, or would like to discuss options for other hardware, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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Renesas Automotive Cluster Demo Image

Automotive Cluster

Although designed for entry-level vehicles, this demo will put the pedal to the metal in terms of MCU powered GUIs!

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Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
Cluster UI controlled via CAN protocol
App mimicking Steering wheel control running on Raspberry Pi (with CAN controller) sends CAN signals to RH850

Compatible Boards

Renesas RH850-D1M1A

Renesas Qt for MCUs Automotive hybrid cluster

Hybrid Cluster demo

A seamless UX integrating analogue elements with a futuristic automotive instrument cluster.

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◦ Startup & shut down animations
◦ Media player
◦ Car status

Compatible Boards

Renesas RH850-D1M1A



A modern Smart Home Thermostat touch screen interface. Turn up the heat on your microcontroller project...

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How-to guide

Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
◦ Full touch control, animations, swipe actions etc.
◦ Supports multiple languages
◦ Various pre-built UI controls such as Dials, Rotatory Dials, Knobs etc.

Compatible Boards



By submit your information to the demo request page, the demo organizer may share this information with Renesas, or use it to communicate with you regarding this program and their other services.

Want to try 'Qt for MCUs'?

The listed demo images are available for deployment on selected Renesas evaluation boards.

The demo binaries are also available in the commercial and evaluation version of 'Qt for MCUs'. Qt for MCUs currently requires a Windows OS host machine.

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