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Build Safe & User-Friendly Embedded Devices

Create certified systems with Qt

The Certificate

Qt Meets Certification Standards

Functional safety requirements are increasingly relevant in a number of disparate markets – after all, who doesn’t want safer highways, hospitals, railways, and factories? With Qt you can develop modern embedded systems that are both functionally safe and user-friendly. 

TÜV NORD certifies that the Qt Safe Renderer meets the tool requirements of several standards and that it can be used as a software supporting tool in a software safety life cycle according to IEC 62304:2015(2006 + A1).

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ISO 26262:2018-6, 2018-8 (ASIL-D)

(road vehicles functional safety)

Use Qt to create functionally safe automotive instrument clusters and other applications.
Qt in Automotive
EN 50128:2011 6.7.4 (SIL 4)

(railway software applications)

With Qt you can build safe programmable electronic systems for railway control and protection applications.

Qt in Embedded Devices
IEC 61508:2010-3 7.4.4 (SIL 3)

(electrical / electronic safety-related systems)

Qt Safe Renderer tool addresses the need to have functionally safe industrial manufacturing systems.

Qt in Automation
IEC 62304:2015 (2006 + A1)

(medical device software- software life-cycle processes)

In safety-critical medical systems, Qt can be used as a software-supporting tool in a software-safety life cycle. 

Qt in Medical Industry

What we provide

  • Qt Safe Renderer Code
  • Designer and Build Tooling
  • The Safety Manual
  • The Certification Artifacts
  • Global Qt Technical Support

Pre-certified software components save time and money, and provide confidence in end to end certification of your safety-critical UI systems.

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Learn more about the technical details of Qt Safe Renderer and how it operates.

Webinar: Functional Safety with Qt and Qt Safe Renderer

In this webinar we talk about functional safety and how the Qt Safe Renderer can be used to create functionally safe systems. This presentation briefly introduces the key concepts of functional safety and explains how to use Qt and the upcoming Qt Safe Renderer in a system certified for functional safety according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

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White Paper: Functional Safety and Qt

Download our white paper for a general understanding of functional safety requirements, how they vary by industry and the software recommendations for building a feasible, functionally safe embedded device.

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Demo: Separate Safety-Critical Functionality

Watch this video to see how you can separate the functional safety-critical parts of your software with Qt Safe Renderer. 

Software needs to be designed with safety in mind from the beginning – it’s extremely difficult to build a truly safe system by addressing safety as an afterthought. Acknowledging safety requirements at the architectural and design stage will ensure a solid and future-proof solution.

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Presentation: Functional Safety with Qt and Qt Safe Renderer

Want to learn more about how to create functionally safe systems with Qt Safe Renderer? Watch this 30-minutes presentation by our head of R&D, Tuukka Turunen.

Developing a safety critical system?

If you would like to develop a modern system with a functionally safe HMI, get in touch! 

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